The Power of New: Fresh Merchandise Means Better Sales

Sale on Old Inventory

If over 30 percent of your inventory stock is old, you have a problem that needs to be addressed now.

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LED Electronic Sales Badge


The Electronic Sales Badge is a way to get your message out there and get the upper hand on the competition.

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Understanding Open to Buy Planning

Open to Buy Planning

Results of poor open to buy planning or no planning can be quite costly and generally lead to inventories that are out of balance.

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Avoiding the Common Mistakes of Classification Merchandising

Classification Merchandising

Items in a classification must be kindred, having the same end use such as similar markup and turnover goals, as well as like selling patterns.

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Better Inventory Forecasting to Generate Cash Now

Inventory Forecasting

Fewer customers buying less translates to lower sales volume, but so can your store’s approach to sales and inventory forecasting.

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Durable Displays by Newood

Newood Product Displays

Equipping a store with retail display fixtures can swallow a sizable chunk of any retailer’s budget. Yet as retailers swap inventory in and out, associated display fixtures are also frequently changed. Mick Thaxton, national sales manager of Newood Display Fixture Manufacturing, confirms, “It used to be people would replace fixtures every two or three years, […]

Record Growth for Independent Retailer Defies Print Trends, Demonstrates Huge Response for Advertisers

August IR Cover

Independent Retailer’s print publication produces greater readership and response.

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Retailers Remodel

As reported in Industry Retailer’s June 2010 issue, most brick and mortar retailers felt the effects of a sluggish economy. The result was reduced inventory. Ultimately, low stock led to remodeling, in an effort to dismiss the barren shelves as nothing more than a cleaner appearance to customers. Economic remodeling, however, wasn’t successful for all. […]

Study Identifies Merchandising “Must-Dos”

A new report by RSR Research has identified seven tenets of modern merchandising that retailers might want to consider in their marketing plans. Titled “Defining Twenty-First Century Merchandising: Benchmark 2010”, the report is based on a survey of nearly 100 retailers conducted last summer. “The retail thought-process has genuinely and irrevocably changed,” says Paula Rosenblum, […]

Benefits Of Acrylic Displays

Retail store owners certainly understand the importance of dependable store fixtures. Durability is critical, but so is style, as you’re looking for the optimum way of displaying your goods. Chances are you also want something that requires minimal maintenance. For all these qualities, many retailers are turning to acrylic when redesigning their store’s interior. Acrylic […]