Study Identifies Merchandising “Must-Dos”

A new report by RSR Research has identified seven tenets of modern merchandising that retailers might want to consider in their marketing plans. Titled “Defining Twenty-First Century Merchandising: Benchmark 2010”, the report is based on a survey of nearly 100 retailers conducted last summer. “The retail thought-process has genuinely and irrevocably changed,” says Paula Rosenblum, […]

Benefits Of Acrylic Displays

Retail store owners certainly understand the importance of dependable store fixtures. Durability is critical, but so is style, as you’re looking for the optimum way of displaying your goods. Chances are you also want something that requires minimal maintenance. For all these qualities, many retailers are turning to acrylic when redesigning their store’s interior. Acrylic […]

Web School For Retail

Aspiring retail industry professionals have the availability of a new applied certificate program, designed to advance their careers at Drexel University’s Goodwin College, in conjunction with Drexel’s Westphal College of Media Arts and Design in Philadelphia. It is a six course, 18 to 20 credit program. The schedule is flexible, to enable the working professional […]