Local Coupon Giant Valpak Adds Mobile App for Shoppers


Realizing consumers are embracing technology in a big way, coupon company goes after their mobile devices.

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Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing has great potential to increase a retailer’s return on equity. How could this be? Well, cell phones provide a cost effective marketing and customer service solution, and when used well, mobile marketing can generate quality leads, disseminate important information instantaneously, and improve customer confidence in a retail store. With about 80 percent of […]

Going Mobile

A strong candidate for mobile solutions is the retail industry, an enormous business nationwide that includes apparel outlets, department stores, pharmacies, groceries, and discount, specialty and convenience stores. There are currently a number of strong reasons for a business to invest in mobile, including Generation Y, the search for more revenue growth, and cross channel […]

Mobile Continues To Grow as Newest Channel for Savvy Retailers


Research shows shoppers are using technology to find what they want, and retailers need to get on board or get left behind.

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Study: Stores Lost $139 Billion to Fraud


Retailers lost billions to fraud last year, but there is some hope, as losses were off from the previous year.

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Research Finds Some Shopping Via Mobile Only


A small but growing number of shoppers are doing their buying exclusively via mobile devices. Smart retailers need to take notice.

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Retailers Urged to Get on Mobile Bandwagon

Store owners hoping to get a piece of the holiday shopping pie are being urged to establish a mobile presence sooner rather than later. That was the gist of the message at the Mobile Marketing Summit held in New York recently. “Many merchants are wondering where mobile fits into their marketing and selling strategies,” InternetRetailer.com […]

Grocery Shoppers Seeking Store-Support

In an increasingly techno-savvy world, close to a quarter of food shoppers are using their phones in-store to learn more about a product, whether on a brand’s Website or through online reviews, eMarketer reports. In fact, a majority of those surveyed think that country-of-origin labeling for fresh meat and produce is extremely important (51%), and […]

It’s Time: Mobile Marketing Urged for Retailers

A recent analysis piece from interactive marketing news site ClickZ says the time has come for retailers to seriously consider adding mobile marketing to their sales arsenal. “Today, in the U.S. alone, there are more than 85 million mobile Internet users, according to eMarketer,” the report says. “The consultancy projects that number to reach 100 […]

Whither Cash? Mobile Retail Payments Gaining Popularity

In the ongoing march toward a cashless society, two more companies are rolling out products that will allow consumers to pay for an item via their mobile devices. San Francisco Bay Area businesses Bling Nation and eBay’s PayPal are launching new applications that may render cash and credit cards a thing of the past, according […]