Fresh Spring Fashion Accessories

Fresh Spring Fashion Accessories

With the advent of spring, many consumers are eager to freshen up their look with the latest fashion accessories. These products offer a cost effective way for customers to express their personal panache, and earn retailers big profits, too.

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Hot Trends in Jewelry, Handbags & Cell Phone Cases


Options abound this season for indie retailers to profit from fashion accessories. Whether you are looking for the trendiest hip-hop crosses and pendants, reflective or name drop bracelets, royal themed bags or wallet-like cell phone cases, there is something for everyone in today’s trending styles.

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Hot Trend: Stock up on Loom Links

Monster Trendz loom links

Personalized and customized jewelry is still hugely popular with consumers. Monster Trendz integrates products with the latest trends along with the name of a tourist location or attraction. Neon bracelets are another strong seller, and they are evolving from a novel look for kids into a higher end style at a more mature price point.

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Customized and Personalized Gifts Boost Profits


Whether shopping for apparel or sneakers, buyers seek out products that are tailored to their needs. Personalized shirts and iPhone cases are two of the most searched for products on Google, and a growing number of manufacturers are offering the option to modify existing products online. For independent retailers looking to increase sales, customized merchandise […]

Monster Trendz Supplies Latest Jewelry Trends

image of mustache jewelry

“Sometimes it’s whether or not a product captures teens’ attention,” says CEO Matt Huusko. “That, for me, is a good indication of where a trend is headed.”

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Profit Trends from Monster Trendz


Carrying about 1,200 skus of today’s trendy jewelry and souvenirs, Monster Trendz’ products are popular among independent retailers.

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Monster Trendz Accessorizing the World, Accessible to Customers


The company that got its start by selling jewelry to music fans has gone global, with retailers enjoying a four-times markup on the line.

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