Cart & Kiosk Strategies


For entrepreneurs contemplating starting a small business, or expanding into a new product line, carts and kiosks are an option worth exploring. Compared to the costs of establishing a fixed retail location, the investment required for this type of sales venue is considerably less and does not require a lengthy license agreement. Shopping malls typically […]

Name in the Frame


If you combine a sports fanatic’s passion with a personalized gift featuring their name, you have a good idea of exactly what Name in the Frame provides. “This idea was originally featured via direct mail, and even on a TV shopping channel,” says Jon Hart, owner and Chief Personalization Officer at Name in the Frame. […]

‘Name in the Frame’ Features Personalized Gifts Without Stocking Large Inventory


This unique product idea instantly personalizes a sports-themed gift for fans, but retailers need almost no inventory on hand.

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Name in the Frame

Sports frames

Name in the Frame offers a line of personalized prints and other accessible products that are available through the Internet. What the firm offers is access to high quality images, which can then be personalized on the spot by the retailer or kiosk. These Name in the Frame photos are often purchased by women for […]