Colorwear™ by The Mountain: The Next Phase of Adult Coloring


The Mountain, America’s Greenest Apparel Company™, has released their newest line of apparel. Colorwear™ is a line of t-shirts with outlines of animals and nature scenes designed by some of the best coloring book artists in the marketplace. [Read more]

Trends for All at Parker Trade Shows

Parker trade show

Parker Trade Shows is preparing the final touches for what is slated to be their biggest show yet. [Read more]

Colorful Torch Flame Lighters

image of color flame kings lighters

“They look and feel like $20 lighters, and have electronic ignition and adjustable flame,” says Jaime Anast, president and product designer. [Read more]

CTS Lighters Fire Sales

image of lighter from cts wholesale

The new series of brass lighters from CTS Wholesale offers solid brass fabrication, as opposed to traditional steel, rendering the lighters non-corrosive. [Read more]

Extreme Sonic Speakers

image of extreme sonic speakers by sonic quake

New Age Discoveries has launched a line of super small speakers, Sonic Quake, Sonic Pod and Lil’ Wiz, that project sound from anything in a big way, while maintaining auditory quality. [Read more]

Flarble Flying Fun

image of new flarble product

Retailers who mention Independent Retailer magazine will receive their choice of free shipping, or a free display with their first case order of this new product. [Read more]

See Me Arm Band

image of see me reflective arm band

“When a car approaches at night, that arm band is bright enough to look like a headlight,” notes inventor Chris Luginbuhl. [Read more]

Toasty Nut Roaster

image of toasty nut roaster for popcorn by cajun creole products

The Tosty Nut Roaster is designed for retailers interested in selling age-old treats to new generations who love their great taste and inviting aroma. [Read more]

WAU Accessories

image of wireless accessories unlimited

What stands out immediately when encountering a display of WAU’s products is the vibrant and creative branding. [Read more]

Lotto & Xmas Plants

image of the patent magic plant

Though it won’t actually grow money on trees, Patent Magic Plant’s new Lotto Plant brings customers as close to the old saying as possible. [Read more]