Unwrapping The Gift & Souvenir Market

Souvenir Shopping

The gift and souvenir market is big business. According to market research firm, First Research, the gift and souvenir market totaled about $18 billion in sales in 2013, spread among 30,000 stores in the category. [Read more]

IGES Exhibitor Preview

Adventure Planet, a division of Rhode Island Novelty, is looking forward to this year’s IGES/SSS show for one simple reason: “It’s the top show for gift shops,” says Jeff Shaughnessy, sales manager. [Read more]

North Woods Animal Treats: Wholesome and Fun

North Woods Animal Treats: Wholesome and Fun

When Jean McCarthy started her company, North Woods Animal Treats, in 1996, her mission was clear: to provide the best possible, all-natural products that enhance the lives of both pets and their owners. She also wanted to make the experience positive and fun. [Read more]