Hot Trend: Stock up on Loom Links

Monster Trendz loom links

Personalized and customized jewelry is still hugely popular with consumers. Monster Trendz integrates products with the latest trends along with the name of a tourist location or attraction. Neon bracelets are another strong seller, and they are evolving from a novel look for kids into a higher end style at a more mature price point. [Read more]

Flipo to Unveil Magical Photo Mirror at ASD


Flipo Group Ltd. designs and manufactures distinctive novelty, gift and home décor items. Launched in 1992, much of the firm’s product line, which includes photo frames, bracelets, pet accessories and solar lighting, features LED lights. Building on many successful product introductions, Flipo is announcing the worldwide launch of its exclusive photo mirror at ASD Las […]

Hat Trick Bottle Openers and Accessories


R2B Inc. has developed a new kind of bottle opener, called the Hat Trick, designed to keep the device comfortably close. “I created a bottle opener that attaches to the strap on the back of a baseball hat,” explains Rick Beard, owner. “The opener has a magnet so, when you pop the bottle, the cap […]

StacheTATS Latest Tattoo Fun


StacheTATS, temporary mustache tattoos, are the brainchild of Arthur Jaffee and Trace Adams, former University of Colorado football teammates. The duo launched StacheTATS in November of 2012 with its Jabroni series, and now creates, among others, holiday, glitter and glow in the dark, cause, flag and college “staches.” We have all sorts of colors, sizes […]

Red Cup is Solo No More


Toby Keith wrote a song about the red Solo cup, a well-known disposable beverage container commonly used at colleges and parties. It was that song that inspired Frank Ritchie, sales manager of Crossover Marketing, to take on the job of creating The Red Cup Buddy, a red plastic cup and cozy in one. There are […]

Sound Effects for Gifts


Clever kids often become inventive adults, as is the case with Neil Adams, creator of Don’t Shake it sound effects for gifts. “When I was a child,” Adams shares, “I would put pennies and marbles and other things in with a gift so that when the person shook it, they would have a hard time […]

Bling Bejewels Bandages


Boo Boo Bling looks like a piece of jewelry that, when placed on a bandage, transforms it from boring to beautiful. Product developer and Boo Boo Bling LLC president, Rita Sevigny, came up with the idea when she was getting ready to attend an elegant event and a necessary bandage was marring her look. “I […]

Light Up Sales with Flashing Rings from Flashing Panda


Flashing Panda wholesales an extensive line of light up LED novelties, including clear barware and ice cubes, party favors and toys, key chain flashlights, party jewelry and more. The company recently expanded its light up raver ring selection with several of the most popular new styles, including finger beams, three styles of flashing jelly rings, […]

Everyone Loves a Big Mouth


Big Mouth Toys lets anyone express his inner imp with its exclusive line of high quality novelty items. Company owner and head prankster, Steve Wampold, launched Big Mouth Toys in 2001 with a line of fake parking tickets, fake winning lottery tickets and funny bumper stickers. “I was working in corporate America, and I was […]

Drinks Don’t Sink


The Drink Preserver for cups keeps beverages floating within arm’s reach when consumers are lounging in the swimming pool or hot tub. The idea came to owner, Brett Klisch, 12 years ago while he lazed in a pool, and the product launched at the New York International Gift Fair in January. Klisch anticipates it will […]