Patent Magic Plant Company Expands Its Line With Two New Offerings


Just in time for spring, these two new magical plants practically sell themselves as shoppers seek all-in-one items for the garden.

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My Pillow Pets Are an 18″ Toy and Pillow All in One

Pillow Pets

Designed for kids three and up, this delightful plush is a fast mover with a high markup for easy sales.

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Flashing Panda Lights Up Sales With Novelty Impulse Items


For party suppliers, nightclubs or anyone catering to a young, hip crowd, this wholesaler has wanted light-up products at great prices.

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New Magic Plants

Magic Plant

The folks behind the Patent Magic Plant, a product that grows and reveals a hidden message upon blooming, have come up with yet an even more unique twist on their popular item. “We have two new offerings in our product line, the, ‘Dance With Me,’ plant and the, ‘TouchyMutchy,’ plant,” says company founder, Erez Hadad. […]

‘Nobama’ Countdown Clock

Nobama Countdown Clock

For those Americans more than a little concerned about the direction the country is taking, Countdown Productions has just the thing, a clock that counts down how many days are left until President Obama’s current term of office expires. “Being an independent business person, and seeing what the current administration is doing to small business […]

Deco Bugs


With the holidays in full swing and New Year’s looming, how can a houseful of people keep track of which drink is theirs? The good people at Deco Bugs came up with a solution for now or anytime there’s a large crowd trying to keep track of their beverages. “We came up with Chalkboard Sticker […]



Sometimes, the best ideas come to you when you’re bored and stuck in traffic. That was the case for creative marketing and strategy guy Ethan Eyler of San Francisco, inventor of the Carstache. And yes, it’s just what it sounds like, a mustache for the front of your car. “I was stuck in traffic commuting […]

Toys, Gifts & Novelties Forecast

Conventional wisdom dictates that during sluggish economic times, the less necessary an item is, the more likely consumers are to eliminate it from their budgets. It would be understandable, therefore, if you assumed that it has been a somewhat bumpy ride for those in the business of selling toys, gifts and novelties. But while it […]

Keychain Breathalyzer Makes Great Convenience Store Impulse Buy


All Fun Gifts introduces a new product designed to detect alcohol when the purchaser breathes into it.

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Edible Puff Pop Pipe


The Puff Pop is a new edible candy that’s also a functional smoking pipe. It comes in five flavors: grape, lemon/lime, green apple, blueberry cola and strawberry.

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