Angry Birds Gaming Trend

Angry Birds

This mainstream game was made popular by its addictive gameplay and low price download.

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Happy Napper Play Pillow


Wholesaler, Novelty Poster, sells some of the trendiest toys and novelties in the industry, and provides products most demanded by children nationwide. “Television advertising helps,” says Jimmy Narine, vice president, indicating that “As Seen on TV” merchandise is always in demand. This includes products like the Snuggie and Pillow Pets. Retailers Purchase “As Seen on […]

Toys and Novelties Update

Patria Pet

Price points, trends and quality manufacturing all play a role in driving toy and novelty sales.

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My Pillow Pets Are an 18″ Toy and Pillow All in One

Pillow Pets

Designed for kids three and up, this delightful plush is a fast mover with a high markup for easy sales.

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Toys, Gifts & Novelties Forecast

Conventional wisdom dictates that during sluggish economic times, the less necessary an item is, the more likely consumers are to eliminate it from their budgets. It would be understandable, therefore, if you assumed that it has been a somewhat bumpy ride for those in the business of selling toys, gifts and novelties. But while it […]