Swipe Fee Reform Saves Millions

October marked the one-year anniversary of landmark Federal Reserve regulations that cut the average debit card swipe fee collected by the nation’s largest banks.

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Easy Klaw Grips

image of re-axe easy klaw product

Canes and crutches can be just as cumbersome as the symptoms they alleviate, but with Easy Klaw, customers find relief through a simple solution.

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Small Business Expo

Small Business Expo, a production company specializing in B2B networking events, launched a trade show at the California Market Center in Los Angeles on November 8.

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2012 Economic Census

2012 economic census

More than four million American businesses, including 740,000 retailers, are receiving 2012 Economic Census forms in November and December.

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ShopKeep POS iPhone App

image of shopkeep app

With the ShopKeep POS dashboard app merchants can view real-time sales for each iPad POS register, a summary report of previous day sales and more.

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Inteliracer RC Car

image of emirimage's inteliracer remote control car

“Our latest racecar operates on a 2.4 gigahertz capacity, which means users experience less interference while playing with the toy,” says the president of Emirimage.

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Retractable Tool Tether

image of retractable tool tether by agc enterprises

AGC Enterprises’s apparatus keeps objects close at hand with a 22-inch steel cable that retracts into a small container that clips onto any belt, purse or jacket.

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Necky Warmer

image of necky warmer product

“More than just a scarf,” the Necky is a lightweight, polar fleece clothing accessory worn under a coat or jacket.

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Winter Wake App

image of winter wake app iphone

The Winter Wake Up app is a whole new type of alarm clock that accounts for snowy conditions.

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Award Winning Nike + FuelBand

image of nike + fuelband

As consumers become more health conscious, there is greater demand for tools that can track the number of calories burned.

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