Retailer’s Represented Via Video: NRF Seeking Contest Submissions

Viral video contest

The NRF hunts to find the best retail stories in America via a video contest.

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Top Topics and Trends Discussed at Retail’s BIG Show

New Shopping Trends

Retail’s BIG Show floor is buzzing with more than 400 exhibitors about topics and trends changing the industry.

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NRF Pushes Agenda

National Retail Federation (NRF) President and CEO, Matthew Shay, used his scheduled keynote address at the Valley Industry and Commerce Association’s 23rd Annual Business Forecast Conference to highlight the NRF’s agenda to spur jobs, innovation and consumer value. The speech marks the first in a series of planned events, as the organization’s nationwide advocacy campaign […]

NRF On The Hill

If you can’t beat them, lobby them. That’s the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) plan of action on Capitol Hill, as the group looks to combat what seems to be frequent disregard for merchants, reminding legislators of the role retail plays in the current economy. Among the recent legislative disappointments from the Capitol was the Federal […]

Retail Continues to Find Its Way on Campus

Retail on Campus

The retail industry has succeeded in establishing a strong presence across campuses nationwide with the launch of a student association (NRFSA).

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NRF Lobbying Legislation for More Retail Minded Outcomes

US Legislation

The purpose of the NRF’s recent advocacy campaign is to change outcomes on the policy issues that are so central to the retail industry.

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Retail Career Promotions

It is not too often that you hear a student at graduation say they are an aspiring retailer, or would like to be an owner of a brick and mortar store on Main Street. NRF Foundation Chairman and CEO of the Container Store, Kip Tindell, asks, “Why Not?” In a recent letter to retail company […]

Retailers Brave Business Intelligence Analytics

Business Analytics

NRF expert panelists say, “Business intelligence can give you insight into your customers’ needs and actions, as well as their overall effect on your bottom line.”

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Retailers Disappointed in Debit Card Swipe Fee Decision

Swipe Fee Reform

The NRF and retailers, after months of aggressive campaigning, are disappointed by the decision to set the debit card swipe fee at $0.21 per transaction.

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NRF Forecast


Leadership development, tweeting and expansion are among the top priorities for retailers this year, according to a report released by the National Retail Federation. The ninth annual, “Retail Horizons: Benchmarks for 2010, Forecasts for 2011,” prepared by NRF Foundation and audit firm, KPMG LLP, examines retail industry benchmarks, retailers’ key priorities and plans, and retail […]