Rising Holiday Sales

Consumers will shop and visit more stores this November and December, according to ShopperTrak, an analyzer of retail foot traffic.

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Premium Vapes Lights up the E-Cig Industry

image of premium vapes e-cigarette

Premium Vapes is making strides that are shaping the structure of the electronic cigarette industry.

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Vendio Builds Web Biz

image of vendio builds biz

Change in mcommerce is accelerating, and to the ecommerce architects at Vendio, a company that helps retailers build an online presence, it is clear that brick and mortar retailers can no longer rely on Google alone.

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mCommerce the New eCommerce

image of mcommerce trends research

Retailers looking to maintain their customer base have begun to take cues from recent data, making moves towards offering more mobile features to shoppers.

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Web Retailer Sales Tax?

image of possible internet sales tax

Advocates for a law that would require web-only retailers to collect state sales tax are optimistic that Congress will be enacting such legislation in the near future.

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Profit with Dollar $tore Rewards

image of dollar store rewards

The V.I.P. Dollar $tore Reward program, conceptualized by Karl Kramer and Co., is a new way for storeowners to build a loyal customer base.

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Merchandising Optimization

image of rsr research

There is no doubt that the core of merchandise operations has changed. Specifically, optimization tools and techniques can infuse the entire merchandise life cycle.

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WAU Accessories

image of wireless accessories unlimited

What stands out immediately when encountering a display of WAU’s products is the vibrant and creative branding.

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Couch Commerce New Purchasing Trend

couch commerce

Couch commerce is driven by individuals who browse and make purchases using tablets, generally at night and on the weekends from their homes.

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Snap Capp

image of snap capp

Bill Allen knows his way around aluminum cans. To stop spills, he invented the Snap Capp, a cover for any canned beverage.

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