Natural Crystal Potpourri


Crystal potpourri by Planet Naturals is the newest trend in home fragrance, and a natural hypoallergenic, flameless and aesthetically pleasing solution for a better smelling environment. First invented in 1998 and sold in “Dollywood,” Tennessee’s well known country music inspired theme park, Planet Naturals’ crystal potpourri quickly became a national and international sensation, with marketability […]

Newest Home Fragrance with Eco-friendly Feel

Crystal Potpourri

Planet Natural’s use of the finest, all natural raw materials make for solid crystal potpourri sales.

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Fragrances & Scented Products


With Christmas just weeks away and retailers stocking up for the season, wholesalers of popular fragrances are bracing for an onslaught of orders. One such company, Veneto Fragrance of Miami, FL, is making a multipronged push into the market, trading on the popularity of today’s superstars, touting its own homemade brand, and eyeing the growing […]