Rocket POS: Reliable and Capable

Rocket POS

The original Rocket Point of Sale software was designed from scratch exclusively for Windows by Leslie Glass, founder, and president of Rocket POS and Inc. [Read more]

Improved Swipely Helps Independents Grow Their Businesses

Swipely credit card, analytics, loyalty program

Powerful technology enables local merchants to accept credit card payments, and understand and retain customers. [Read more]

Gift Card Purchases Go Beyond Special Occasions

Image gift cards

New offerings by gift card companies and payments processors have been geared specifically to smaller retailers. [Read more]

Indie Retailers Resolve Security Breaches with Proper POS Management

POS Credit Security

Smaller businesses such as independent retailers are more vulnerable when they open up their POS system to electronic purchasing options. [Read more]

Bye Bye Cash Register. Hello Tablet!

Tablet POS Software

Using software platforms, with the necessary features, to handle all POS needs on the service-side, allows small business owners to focus on growing their businesses. [Read more]

Nova Helps Innovate Your POS

Nova POS Software

Nova Point of Sale (POS) software, available as a risk-free trial, replaces both cash registers and business management programs. [Read more]