Side Cross Jewelry

image of side cross jewelry

The side cross design is available in several forms, including bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets, and is already selling quite well.

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Success of a Niche Marketer

Kerusso apparel & gifts image

It takes a lot of heart and soul to become a successful company in the retail industry, especially when serving a niche market, but Kerusso Inc. is proof that it can be done.

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Iconeum Religious Items

Prayer beads from Iconeum Religious Items

Company imports hand painted, hand assembled holy image wall art that never tarnishes.

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Kerusso’s Faithful T’s


While over 20 designs were brainstormed for Kerusso’s newest apparel line, customer feedback led to the production of nine adult and five children’s T-shirt designs.

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3D Wall Art


Doubling in size each year since its inception, the factory direct wholesaler, 3D Art, now offers a full line of 3D Decorator and Christian Art.

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Kerusso’s Inspirational Gifts and Souvenirs


Kerusso believes its Christian themed apparel and giftware products are suitable for any location, store type and target customer.

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Longtime Wholesaler Henry Brandt Co. Rebrands Itself as ‘Inspirational Wholesale’


This Midwest institution has everything a retailer needs, and treats all its customers like family. No wonder it’s thrived for 45 years.

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Iconeum Offers Religious Icons at Deeply Discounted Prices


With everything from rosary beads to bracelets to art, this New York wholesaler should be your religious item headquarters.

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‘MARMYhead’ Presents Embroidered Linen Cards for Every Occasion


Unique one-of-a-kind cards are a sure seller, expressing heartfelt sentiments with a personal touch.

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Mission Imports Offers Angelic and Christmas Items for Fast Delivery


Company’s unique Nativity and other items are made from all-natural materials and add a sparkle to any type of decor

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