Lively R/C E-Bird

Lively R/C E-Bird

E-Birds remote control toys, manufactured by CBJ Global LLC, are colorful gliders that are easier to operate than most R/C helicopters. These entertaining devices look and act like real birds, flapping their wings, and climbing, swooping and diving through the air, while making a simulated bird sound. A rudder on the bird’s tail allows the user to direct the unit left or right, and the easily controlled wing speed makes E-Bird climb higher and fly faster or slower, or hover in place.

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Inteliracer RC Car

image of emirimage's inteliracer remote control car

“Our latest racecar operates on a 2.4 gigahertz capacity, which means users experience less interference while playing with the toy,” says the president of Emirimage.

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Unique RC Buys

Bargain Crusader Slot Cars

Bargain Crusader, well-known for its Airsoft tactical products, has also begun to explore the toys and novelties market.

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D-FLY III Helicopter

Adults like their toys too, and while operating Emirimage’s remote controlled helicopters, boats, and cars requires a level of maturity, these RC toys will give your customers that youthful feeling. For Emirimage Corporation, keeping up with the latest trends in the RC toy industry means staying on top of technology advances and meeting quality standards. […]

Hi-Tech Choppers


The rapid advancement of technology has blurred the line between children’s toys and grown-up gadgets. Electronic goods, which were once considered exclusive adult products, are now trickling down to the younger generation, including iPods, cell phones, and digital video recorders. Profiting from this technology trend are wholesale toy suppliers and the retailers buying from them. […]

Valour’s Specialty Products

Valour's Choppers

For those retailers looking to run a kiosk or cart business, Valour offers a program that provides access to top selling and high margin helicopters.

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Valour RC Helicopters: Affordable Toys for Customers Old and Young


While operating Valour’s RC helicopters, cars and more requires a level of maturity, these RC toys will also provide that youthful feeling.

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Radio-Controlled Toys Offer Great Value, High Returns for Retailers


Texas-based wholesaler The Valour has a full line of high-quality RC products that are in demand by all age groups.

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RC Toys of the Highest Quality


In business since the mid 1980s, Emirimage Corporation boasts an impressive selection of radio-controlled and infra-red toys, especially of the ever-popular car and helicopter varieties.

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Organize Remotes


SOUND & SIGHT introduces, Remote Tree, a vertical organizer for remote control units that holds up to six remotes, and makes retrieval easy at a single glance.

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