August Retail Sales Beat Estimates

Retailers were able to post better-than-expected sales in August, according to numerous wire services and published reports. “Early reports gave analysts hope retailers were able to clear excess inventories ahead of the crucial holiday-selling season without having to resort to deep discounts,” Yahoo News reported. And in an encouraging sign, it was reported that retailers […]

Retail Sales Up, But Shoppers Still Skittish

Aggressive back-to-school promotions paid off for retailers in July with an unadjusted 3.1% boost in sales year-over-year, the National Retail Federation reports. But even that good news was tempered, according to an NRF spokesman. “Household spending remains tepid amid concerns about economic stability,” NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said in a release. “Current data on […]

Bullish Retail Segments

A number of retail segments are reporting some notable bright spots this year, according to research reported by NPD Group, a market analysis firm. Fashion and big appliances were the real winners, with dollar sales up 16 to 17 percent. Here’s a survey of the latest results: Fashion Accessories: The entire category was up 17 […]