How to Create Lasting Retail Partnerships

Retail Partnership

Many retailers feel they are on their own when they begin in the industry or are growing or franchising their existing business. [Read more]

Four Shop Display Ideas for Easter

Easter Display Ideas

Easter also symbolizes re-birth and the bringing in of the new season. [Read more]

Expand Your Reach with Promoted Pins


Pinterest is easy, free and about to make a huge difference in the way you market your store. [Read more]

Five Hot Tips for Success

Five Hot Tips for Success

Starting an independent retail business is one of the riskiest ventures you can make. [Read more]

How to Show Your Customers Love This Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is that special day of the year when we all like to show our affections for some of the most important people in our lives. [Read more]

How to Ensure Quality Within Your Point-of-Sale System

Point of Sale

An insidious threat is putting many retail and hospitality POS systems at risk. This fatal flaw in the installation of these systems takes many of them down each day across the country, creating serious problems for countless stores and restaurants. [Read more]

HR in Retail 2015: Do’s and Don’ts

HR in Retail 2015

The retail industry is projected to grow 10 percent by 2022 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [Read more]

What’s “In Store” for the Pop-Up Industry in 2015

Pop-up Industry

Pop-ups are no longer just a trend. As more big brands use them, and more venues are open to hosting pop-ups, retailers of all sizes are taking advantage of this unique experience. [Read more]

New Mobile Payment Option for Retailers: ALTPAY


According to a recent study by the FDIC, 9.6 million households in the United States don’t have bank accounts. This group of unbanked consumers is one of the target markets for ALTPAY, a new up and coming mobile payment company, which will give retailers a greater opportunity to connect with a wider range of customers. [Read more]

How to Attract Holiday Shoppers with Nostalgia and Exquisite Experiences

Holiday Shopping

In the era of online shopping, flash sales and Black Friday madness, some shoppers are yearning for something different. They desire nostalgia, personalization, and a fulfilling in-store shopping experience this holiday season. [Read more]