5 Ways to Inspire Impulse Buys

Impulse Buying

Good retail is dependent upon a variety of factors, but ultimately comes down to powerful and actionable strategies designed to maximize sales. Running an effective business is much more complex than a case of opening a store and hoping for the best. [Read more]

What Small Retailers Need to Do to Survive

Small Business Survival

According to the Small Business Administration, 70 percent of small retailers go out of business within the first four years. However, not a lot is said about why the success of these retailers is such a long shot, or what they can do to avoid becoming a statistic. [Read more]

Accounting For Shifts in Retail Supply Chain Practices

Supply Chain Practices

Retailers and distributors are in the midst of a major shift. As consumer demand for instantly accessible online inventory and quicker delivery grows, industry leaders are being forced to alter their supply chain management strategies in ways that drive sales and meet customer expectations. [Read more]

SnapRetail Provides Free Webinar and Resources to Help Retailers Prepare for Small Business Saturday

SnapRetail Marketing Solution Saves You Time

SnapRetail, the leader in marketing automation for small retailers and merchants, will help maximize the success of independent store owners this Small Business Saturday by offering a free webinar and other resources. [Read more]

Q&A: The Rapid Growth of C-Stores in the US

NACS Trade Show

The U.S. convenience store industry boasts a total of 151,282 stores (as of December 31, 2013) across the country and posted $696 billion in total sales in 2013. [Read more]

Candy Retailers: Staying One Step Ahead with Effective Marketing


Candy retailers are discovering that using the Internet to market their wide selection of candies and products in their stores is helping to increase their profits at a rate like never before. Candy retailers have evolved into diverse businesses that sell everything from your classic lollipops to artisanal creations. There are countless media outlets that can be used as a resource and this makes business only sweeter. [Read more]

Preparing For Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Excitement is in the air, the food and entertainment is ready, and fans arrive early to be the first to enter the building. Small Business Saturday, the independent retailer’s Super Bowl, is right around the corner. So what can you do now to turn Small Business Saturday this Nov. 29 into Super Saturday? Retailers can implement the following four tactics to prepare their stores for the big day, and spread the “shop small” message. [Read more]

Security Leaps into the 21st Century With Remote Monitoring

How to Protect Against a Data Breach

Larger department stores and pharmacies now have remote monitoring of their camera systems. Due to of the number of stores, these larger chains can have one location watching the cameras for various locations to spot shoplifting. They can then alert the local security personnel of suspicious activities, while saving thousands of dollars compared to each store having to do this individually. [Read more]

The Wisdom of the Webroom

The Wisdom of the Webroom

“Drive them to retail” is a marketing mantra as old as the marketplace, and it’s back. It appeared for a while that online purchases would continue to erode brick-and-mortar traffic. Showrooming represented a detour from the traditional purchase path, as consumers began to browse for items at stores, and fulfill the purchase online for fractional discounts; an idea driven by cold logic in the pursuit of price. But that has changed. [Read more]

Gift Cards Raise Retail Revenue

Gift Cards Raise Retail Revenue

Americans love giving and receiving gift cards. They are always in demand, and present retailers with significant incremental sales opportunities, as consumers report spending more when both purchasing and redeeming gift cards. According to a biannual consumer survey of 1,100 US consumers by the Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA), convenience and choice make gift cards extremely popular among consumers. Although mobile and electronic gift cards are not yet widely used by consumers, the adoption of these technologies is expected to continue to rise. [Read more]