Retailers Must Reach Out

Retail managers need to change their corporate culture if they want to make the most of all their assets, whether digital or physical. That’s the conclusion of a new study conducted by Retail Systems Research, in partnership with the National Retail Federation. According to the study, “Creating a single brand identity across all channels,” remains […]

Working Well With Others

Retail managers now have two compelling reasons to encourage employees to be polite in the workplace; polite to each other, that is. Sure, retailers know that rudeness to a customer means lost goodwill and lost sales, but new research reveals that rudeness shown by one employee towards another one is damaging too. Moreover, a different […]

Consumer Confidence Rises Slightly


The Conference Board says consumers’ confidence in the economy was up slightly in August, a good sign for struggling retailers.

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Survey: VAT Increase Would Cut Consumer Spending


A Value-Added Tax being mulled in Washington has retailers worried. A survey says shoppers will cut spending if it’s enacted.

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Is Your Store “Customer Friendly”?

An analysis from Retail Customer has taken a close look at how customers perceive retail outlets, and the findings are surprising. In the study, it’s noted that something as simple as an end-cap with corners can trigger an ancient avoidance-response system within people, whose brain sees sharp corners as a danger, and turn away. […]

Retailers’ Online Sites Can Expect Back-To-School Surge

Consumers doing their back to school shopping will spend at least some of that time — and money— online, according to Web measurement service Compete. The study, summarized at, found that 30% of shoppers will find their items on the Web, focusing on electronics, dorm accessories and kitchen supplies. School supplies were also cited […]

Whither Cash? Mobile Retail Payments Gaining Popularity

In the ongoing march toward a cashless society, two more companies are rolling out products that will allow consumers to pay for an item via their mobile devices. San Francisco Bay Area businesses Bling Nation and eBay’s PayPal are launching new applications that may render cash and credit cards a thing of the past, according […]

Some Good News: Back-to-School Shopping Lists Getting Longer


Beleaguered school districts are asking parents to send their kids to school with garbage bags, plastic cutlery and even toilet paper.

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Benefits Of Acrylic Displays

Retail store owners certainly understand the importance of dependable store fixtures. Durability is critical, but so is style, as you’re looking for the optimum way of displaying your goods. Chances are you also want something that requires minimal maintenance. For all these qualities, many retailers are turning to acrylic when redesigning their store’s interior. Acrylic […]

Retailers Look To Online Channels

Retailers who are planning a multichannel marketing and sales strategy will have a leg up on the competition, according to several recent research reports. As shoppers continue to research and buy products online and via smartphone style devices, retailers will find it increasingly profitable to reach customers through non-traditional channels. During a period of slow […]