Small Retailers Feeling Gulf Spill Effects

Despite the national headlines about the impact of the Gulf oil spill on the large industries of fishing and tourism, a new survey says that small businesses will be strongly impacted as well. The research from Inc. magazine says 25% of respondents to the Capital One Small Business Barometer — as the survey is called […]

Survey: VAT Increase Would Cut Consumer Spending


A Value-Added Tax being mulled in Washington has retailers worried. A survey says shoppers will cut spending if it’s enacted.

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It’s Time: Mobile Marketing Urged for Retailers

A recent analysis piece from interactive marketing news site ClickZ says the time has come for retailers to seriously consider adding mobile marketing to their sales arsenal. “Today, in the U.S. alone, there are more than 85 million mobile Internet users, according to eMarketer,” the report says. “The consultancy projects that number to reach 100 […]

Group Coupons: Profit Opportunity or Another Expense?

A new trend in the retail business has owners wondering whether they should jump in: Group Coupons. The idea is an e-mail subscriber based system of offering deep discounts on a product to consumers only if enough people purchase the coupon. But according to a recent business blog, “The group coupon value to the consumer […]

Retailers Chasing “Bottom (Line) Feeders”

Retailers try to weed out bargain hunters

Savvy retailers are finding ways to uncover and discourage bargain-hunting customers, and boosting their own bottom line in the process.

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Sales Up as Shoppers Hunt for Tax-Free Bargains

Local retailers in Texas and Connecticut saw a jump in activity as the states rolled out annual tax-free shopping events. In Texas, this past weekend was tax-free on numerous clothing, footwear and school supplies priced under $100. “We’ve had lots of sales and specials and reductions to go with the tax-free holiday,” one retailer said. […]

Independent Retailers Push States to OK Liquor Sales

Battle lines are being drawn on both coasts as small mom-and-pop stores are trying to push state governments out of the liquor business. In Washington state, there are two initiatives on the November ballot, one of which will kill Prohibition-era regulations. “Both initiatives would make it more convenient to buy alcohol, and I think that’s […]

LAPD Busts Major Retail-Ripoff Ring

Retailers in Los Angeles received some welcome news this week, as the LAPD announced it had brought down a notorious ring known as the Hernandez Operation. The group is responsible for stealing at least $6 million worth of baby formula, diapers, health and beauty products and over-the-counter medications. The LAPD Major Crimes Division personnel obtained arrest […]

Rising Wholesale Costs Pushing Retailers To Scramble

Increasing costs from China and other overseas apparel wholesalers are causing retailers in the U.S. to start sourcing locally or look to other avenues to save costs, a new report says. And according to Reuters, for larger brands that require the big volume that only China can supply, rising prices are quickly becoming a reality. […]

Finding: For Shoppers, Price Tops Brand Loyalty in 2010

shopper survey

A new survey just released by indicates that consumers are still shopping more by price than brands this year.

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