Independent Pharmacies Holding Their Own in Tough Times: Report


New research shows that local drug stores were able to keep their heads above water during the recession by offering personal services.

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Retail Consultant Takes on UPS, FedEx Over Shipping Rates


AFMS Logistics Management Group wants shippers to revise rate contracts on behalf of its clients, and is taking its case to court

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Consideration of a Value Added Tax Decried


More retail taxes would only serve to cut jobs and raise prices, group says

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Survey Shows ‘Made in America’ Boosts Purchases

USA Small

Recent research says that American shoppers are more likely to buy products if they believe they were manufactured domestically.

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Late Back-to-School Shopping Boosted Retail Sales


Shoppers waited until the very end to find the bargains they wanted. Is this a portent of things to come?

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Small Businesses Urged to Push E-mail Marketing


With retailers scrambling for shoppers’ dollars, you need every advantage. E-mail marketing is one of them.

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Retailers Urged To Promote Heavily for Holidays


Analysts say holiday sales may be better than expected this year, but only if store owners concentrate on their promotional efforts.

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Study: Stores Lost $139 Billion to Fraud


Retailers lost billions to fraud last year, but there is some hope, as losses were off from the previous year.

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‘Independent Retail’ Week Goes Local


Local stores that need a boost are getting a hand from the growing “Independent Retail Week” movement. Is your town next?

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Virginia Retailers Group Backs Liquor Privatization Plan


Gov. Bob McDonnell wants distilled spirits to be sold in independent retail stores.

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