The “3/50 Project” Aims to Boost Small Retailers


Small retailers need every edge they can get these days — and consultant Cinda Baxter’s new project can help them survive.

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Retailers Starting To Embrace Social Media


A new report reinforces what many savvy retailers already know: social media works as a way of reaching customers. Now you have to implement it.

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Gen Y Workers Yawn at Retailers

A joint study from the National Retail Federation and Deloitte shows that Gen Y workers are less than impressed with the retail field. According to the study, Gen Yers “value career progression, accelerated learning, and a work culture that matches their values,” and while these issues are “already on the radar screen for many retailers” […]

Tight Times Entice Penny-Pinchers

One ironic bright spot for retailers in the current economy is products that help consumers save money, thereby enabling them to spend less overall. The AP reports that “demand is rising for kitchen and bath gadgets that squeeze out that last blob of toothpaste and help get the suds out of tiny slivers of soap.” […]

PepsiCo To Speed Up Retail Delivery Chain

In a move that will get product into the hands of retailers faster, PepsiCo says it will distribute Gatorade sports drinks direct to stores from its own and independent bottlers in the US and Canada. The move is an attempt to improve product delivery away from the warehouse system. Eric Foss, CEO of Pepsi Beverages […]

Loyalty Cards Go High-Tech

Retailers who issue loyalty cards to bring customers back again and again are getting some high-tech help in the form of smartphone applications, the New York Times reports. Two companies, Cardstar and Key Ring, are rolling out apps where customers only need to tap a key or two to have coupons delivered to their phones. […]

Personal Service Favored by Shoppers

Despite efforts by “Big Box” companies to try to be everything to everyone, new evidence is emerging that customers prefer the personalized service offered by smaller stores, the Retail Institute reports. “Retail Wire recently published an online article about how Wal Mart and Target are trying to return to a more personalized level of customer […]

Retailers Go High Tech to Discourage Loiterers

Some store owners in the nation’s capital have gone high-tech in a bid to discourage loitering teens who don’t buy anything. WBAL-TV reports a device called “The Mosquito” has been installed outside the entrance to the Gallery Place Metro station, a favorite teen hangout. The device, audible only to teens, emits and annoying sound and […]

Report: Retail Buyers Still Nervous

Consumers spent only slight more this August than last, reflecting fears that the hoped-for economic recovery might still be a ways off, the AP reports. Citing the latest MasterCard Spending Pulse survey, the numbers confirm what many retailers had been talking about: back-to-school spending was off, and might be a portent of a slack holiday […]

Summer Discount Promo

Summer is traditionally the slowest period of the year for many independent retailers. To combat that problem, last year some local merchants in the Yuma, Arizona area came up with the, “$20 on the 20th,” campaign, a promotion in which many of the area businesses advertised special offers on the same day, July 20, in […]