LAPD Busts Major Retail-Ripoff Ring

Retailers in Los Angeles received some welcome news this week, as the LAPD announced it had brought down a notorious ring known as the Hernandez Operation. The group is responsible for stealing at least $6 million worth of baby formula, diapers, health and beauty products and over-the-counter medications. The LAPD Major Crimes Division personnel obtained arrest […]

Rising Wholesale Costs Pushing Retailers To Scramble

Increasing costs from China and other overseas apparel wholesalers are causing retailers in the U.S. to start sourcing locally or look to other avenues to save costs, a new report says. And according to Reuters, for larger brands that require the big volume that only China can supply, rising prices are quickly becoming a reality. […]

Finding: For Shoppers, Price Tops Brand Loyalty in 2010

shopper survey

A new survey just released by indicates that consumers are still shopping more by price than brands this year.

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USPS Seeks To Reclassify “Standard” Parcels

The U.S. Postal Service has requested the Postal Regulatory Commission to reclassify the way it identifies Standard Mail parcels. According to a story at, USPS officials said the strategy for the Standard Mail small parcels redesign “eliminates confusion for customers.” But the end result might well be higher mailing costs for independent retailers. The […]

Retail Sales Up, But Shoppers Still Skittish

Aggressive back-to-school promotions paid off for retailers in July with an unadjusted 3.1% boost in sales year-over-year, the National Retail Federation reports. But even that good news was tempered, according to an NRF spokesman. “Household spending remains tepid amid concerns about economic stability,” NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz said in a release. “Current data on […]

Phone Application Pushes Bargains Right in the Aisle

Retailers have yet another new weapon in their arsenal to get shoppers to spend more while browsing; a new smartphone application that tracks and offers promotions to customers as they move about the store, the New York Times reports. The app, called Shopkick, will be available shortly for the iPhone and in the fall for […]

The Rise of Jewelry Accessories


The jewelry accessory category is one for which the demand has been growing. For independent retailers, it’s an easy, add-on business, and stores love it. Suppliers like E’arrs Inc. even offer a spinner display unit that makes the products hard to resist, impulse buys. It’s also a non-seasonal fashion category, which sells just as well […]

Tips For Retail Success

What does it take to open a successful storefront? According to recent surveys and expert advice, it takes a business plan and the right attitude, and some help getting started, such as an incubator program. According to a survey reported on the Small Business Trends website, having a business plan makes a startup twice as […] For Retailers

New York City Mayor Bloomberg recently stopped by Hive at 55, a new workspace at Downtown Manhattan’s Broad Street, to praise the entrepreneurial spirit of, the company hosting a launch party there for its newest product, a special point-of-sale software program for independent retailers. The software offers a simple way to run a register, […]

Bike Retailers Find Local Success

In spite of today’s global economy, catering to the local community is still a highly effective way for an independent retailer to build a strong customer base. For example, a recent report on bike retailers in Washington, DC indicates that they have managed to create loyal customer pools by servicing their local communities. Hyattsville, Maryland […]