Retailers See Green

A recent study by Five Winds International reveals that companies are increasingly willing to invest in environmentally friendly business practices because they are cost efficient. Using less power means smaller energy bills, and in the current economic climate, retailers are seeking out and implementing cost savings. In addition, some companies are pushing high profile green […]

New Gift Card Rules

Some small, mid sized and regional retailers who still set fees and expiration dates on gift cards could be affected by new card rules in August, 2010. That’s because The Federal Reserve is refusing to give retailers extra time to comply with new restrictions on gift card expiration dates, fees and disclosures, saying the rules […]

Salary Report

The higher the salaries, the better it is for the retailer. That’s why a recent salary report by the Conference Board, based in New York City, is not great news. With total salary increase budgets now barely exceeding inflation, even top performers may be just keeping up with cost of living increases, according to The […]

Part Timers Spur Economy

Any job growth helps retailers, because it puts money in the pockets of consumers. At least one expert predicts a dramatic increase in part time workers as 2010 progresses; from the current 13 percent of employees to 39 percent this year. “This is good news for boomers, seniors and retirees, as these demographics are often […]

Retailer Lessons

WHAT HAVE RETAILERS learned from the recession?

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2010 Business Leaders Forecast

The global recession that officially began late in 2007, the worst since the Great Depression, is finally loosening its ugly grip on the economy. In recent interviews with key wholesalers, the overwhelming verdict was that 2010 looks strong for independent retailers, wholesalers, distributors and closeout buyers. Although most of those interviewed were uncertain if Washington, […]