Finding Full Value for Your Products: A Look at GENCO Marketplace


GENCO Marketplace has a long-standing reputation for helping customers realize the full value of their products. [Read more]

How to Modernize Your Website


In 2016, consumers have shorter attention spans and less patience than ever. [Read more]

Deep Discounts or Everyday Low Prices: Which Strategy do Consumers Prefer?

special offer

by Yasen Dimitrov If you’re a retailer in the twenty-first century, chances are that you’ve come across the terms ‘deep discounts’ and ‘everyday low prices.’ Convenience stores, e-retailers, and brick and mortar stores alike face this dilemma; to go with consistently lower prices, or try an ad campaign with occasional sales and promo offers. In […]

The Price Tag Has Lost It’s Shine In Cyberspace

checking price tag

All around us bargains sit on virtual shelves, with e-tailers flashing up low prices against the “official” price list in a bid to woo customers. [Read more]

Born In Retail: FasTrax POS

FasTrax POS

Darren Schwartz and Doug Nolan found themselves with a problem. The successful small chain of tobacco industry stores they owned were in need of a new inventory and pricing system, but nothing that was on the market at the time was a good fit. What to do? Well, if you’re Schwartz and Nolan, the answer was simply to build your own specialized software system and move forward. [Read more]

Retail Deal: Sizzling Short-term Sales

Stockwell Greetings

In-store greeting card displays – fully stocked and ready for selling. These mini displays are only 1 square foot in footprint size but pack a powerhouse of sales and revenue. [Read more]

Point of Sale Terminal Contracts: Beware the Small Print

Point of Sale

A plethora of class action litigation has surfaced over the past several years as a result of onerous contract provisions in point of sale terminal leases with small business owners. [Read more]

Steps for Leading a Top-Notch Sales Team

Sales Team

Sales is one of the oldest and for many, most difficult jobs there is. As a store owner or manager, one of your top responsibilities is making sure your business brings in the revenue it needs to not just survive, but thrive and grow. [Read more]

7 Reasons Accurate Inventory Tracking Matters

Inventory Tracking

Inventory changes constantly. Throughout each day, sales, returns, new receipts—even damage and theft—affect your stock levels. [Read more]

It’s All About Local: Hometown Success

The Toy Shop

Stroll through the charming New England village of Bethel, CT and you’ll very soon catch sight of the cheery store windows arranged by Kim Ramsey, owner of The Toy Room, an independent retailer offering toys and games for infants, girls and boys. [Read more]