Web Security: Are You Safe?

web security

As 2017 begins to unfurl before us, one thing retailers know for certain is that cyber crime — and the need for cyber security — has only grown in scale in the past year. [Read more]

Five Tips to Soothe Cyber Security Fears

Online Security

According to a 2015 Gallup poll referenced on MediaPost.com, the most feared crime in the United States is having your credit card information stolen through a store purchase transaction. [Read more]

Cost-Effective Security Solutions with SensorTags


As retailers, it’s easy to focus on the revenue driving aspects of your store. [Read more]

Big Security for the Small Business Owner

Business Security

With the number of cyber attacks being launched every day and the success hackers are having against large, heavily guarded businesses, it’s no wonder cyber criminals are finding even more success at the small business level. [Read more]

Cyber Security Advice for Online Retailers

Cyber Hacking

2015 has seen some very high profile retail and ecommerce related cyber-attacks hit the headlines. [Read more]

Security Tips for the Retail Owner

Store Security

Store security is at the forefront of operating a successful business. [Read more]

Inventory Gone Wild? Keep Everything in Check with These Tips

Inventory Gone Wild

Inventory management has come a long way since the days of clipboards or spreadsheets. [Read more]

Authenticity Through Biology: Biosignature


“Banks Heap Suits on Target Over Breach” read a recent headline in the Wall Street Journal story. By the time the story broke, seven financial institutions had filed class action suits against Target, alleging it did not sufficiently protect its customer’s data. [Read more]

Security Leaps into the 21st Century With Remote Monitoring

How to Protect Against a Data Breach

Larger department stores and pharmacies now have remote monitoring of their camera systems. Due to of the number of stores, these larger chains can have one location watching the cameras for various locations to spot shoplifting. They can then alert the local security personnel of suspicious activities, while saving thousands of dollars compared to each store having to do this individually. [Read more]

What Retailers Need to Know About EMV Cards

What Retailers Need to Know About EMV Cards

If you’re not totally clear on EMV, you’re not alone. Developed over twenty years ago, EMV is the standard overseas. However, many U.S. small business owners aren’t familiar with the technology, and even fewer know that a deadline is set for migrating to an EMV based system. [Read more]