2013: A Retail Odyssey


From mobile payments to theft deterrents to tools for driving customer loyalty, technology figures prominently in the retail environment in 2013 and beyond.

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New Technologies in Retail Security Systems

security protection 1D

With the holiday rush over, owners of small and mid-size businesses will be shifting their focus internally.

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Protect Your Business from Cyber Crime


Small business owners might think they are flying under the radar of cyber criminals, but, unfortunately, no one is immune to computer attacks.

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Update Warehouse Equipment for Efficient Operation

energy star office equipment

If your warehouse is the heart of your business, and you are using outdated equipment, you may be missing out on revenue.

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Fraud Prevention Podcast

andrew wren return fraud

Andrew Wren discusses the delicate balance between customer service and return fraud prevention in this podcast.

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Cyber Security Tips for SMBs

cyber security

Small business owners and employees must become educated on cyber security, and at implementing technologies to protect themselves.

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Android App Scam Detector

image of scam detector app

Scam Detector had already been released for iPhone to great national and international acclaim, receiving five stars in the Apple App Store.

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Operations and Loss Prevention

image of andrew wren

In this podcast with featured guest, Andrew Wren, independent retailers can learn the latest tactics to keep business running smoothly.

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Keep Your Self to Yourself

image of yourself

White-collar criminals in search of this information often aren’t even located domestically, but rather use online resources to pilfer information from across the globe.

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To Catch a Thief

thief image

The question no retailer ever wants to ask is what to do when someone is stealing from the company internally

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