Marketing Gift Cards for Year-Round Profits

Gift Cards

Retail marketers plan all year for winter holiday promotions, which are the most fiscally lucrative part of the year. [Read more]

Streamlining the Online Experience Leads to Repeat Business

Online Experience

Technology has always played a very important role in retail, both in helping to deliver better customer experiences as well as in driving greater operational efficiencies from within the business. [Read more]

Touch Points will define Retail in 2016

Retail Touch Points

Retailers have been obsessed with improving the customer experience, experimenting with ‘revolutionary’ technologies like iBeacons or QR codes just to stay on the cutting edge and remain competitive. [Read more]

Shopper’s In-Store Technology Trends


Linkett has created an infographic to illustrate how today’s shoppers use technology, especially mobile phones, while in retail stores. [Read more]

Words That Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

It is said that words often have the power to move mountains—figuratively speaking. [Read more]

Spring Forward: Apparel Trend Forecast

Apparel Trends

Even though temperatures are cold, retailers need to get their inventory ready to spring forward. [Read more]

Top Strategies for Free Shipping: Part II

Free Shipping

In last month’s issue, we looked at four of the top ten strategies to make free shipping affordable for your business. This month, we’ll round out my top ten list by looking at more options for free shipping. [Read more]

How to Attract Holiday Shoppers with Nostalgia and Exquisite Experiences

Holiday Shopping

In the era of online shopping, flash sales and Black Friday madness, some shoppers are yearning for something different. They desire nostalgia, personalization, and a fulfilling in-store shopping experience this holiday season. [Read more]

Create Packaging That Carries Your Brand

Create Packaging That Carries Your Brand

The shopping bag’s days as a purely utilitarian tool are over. In fact, some marketers say that the shopping bag is as important as the goods inside. It can deliver advertising messages, act as a souvenir, or serve as gift wrap. [Read more]

5 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys This Holiday Season

5 Ways to Increase Impulse Buys This Holiday Season

By Cody Grandadam “Hello. May I help you?” “No, I am just looking…” If you own or manage a store of any kind, those are words you have heard more than just a few times. Many customers today are just looking, and they often do not even know what they are looking for. It is […]