Retailers Wary as Clothing Prices Set To Rise 10 Percent Starting This Spring


As the costs of both raw goods and labor begin to edge up, retailers are keeping a closer eye on the bottom line as price hikes loom as well.

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Update: Consumers Shopping Again, But Maintaining Responsible Approaches to Spending


Research shows that while consumers are willing to buy, they’re being more thoughtful about what’s important.

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Consumer Spending Jumped the Most in Four Years, Helping Recovery


Indications out of Washington are that retailers and their customers are helping the nation pull itself out of our economic doldrums.

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Retailers Pin Hopes on Gift Card Redemptions To Boost Winter Sales


Looking to keep the sales momentum going, shop owners are waiting for gift card recipients to cash them in and boost business.

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As Expected, Holiday Sales Took a Big Jump Over Previous Years


Assuming the worst is behind them, shoppers spent big on needed — and wanted — holiday items.

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Dollar Stores Continue To Thrive as Recession-Battered Shoppers Stretch Their Budgets


Even as the economy recovers, it looks like independent retailers providing low prices will hold loyal buyers.

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Retailers Profiting as Many Are Holding Off on Slashing Prices


Store owners are holding the line on prices as consumers keep shopping, leading many to hope for higher-than-expected profits.

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Forecast Sees Holiday Spending Going Up Even Higher Than Predicted


Things are looking brighter this Christmas season as more and more reports come in that consumers are finally opening their wallets.

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As Expected, Black Friday Sales Surged As Shoppers Returned to Malls


In another hopeful sign that the economy is recovering, the NRF says record numbers of shoppers hit the stores this past weekend.

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Indicators Show Early Christmas Buying Traffic To Increase


In yet another indication that consumers are more confident, a survey finds buying will be up sharply over this time last year.

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