Retailers Profiting as Many Are Holding Off on Slashing Prices


Store owners are holding the line on prices as consumers keep shopping, leading many to hope for higher-than-expected profits.

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Forecast Sees Holiday Spending Going Up Even Higher Than Predicted


Things are looking brighter this Christmas season as more and more reports come in that consumers are finally opening their wallets.

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As Expected, Black Friday Sales Surged As Shoppers Returned to Malls


In another hopeful sign that the economy is recovering, the NRF says record numbers of shoppers hit the stores this past weekend.

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Indicators Show Early Christmas Buying Traffic To Increase


In yet another indication that consumers are more confident, a survey finds buying will be up sharply over this time last year.

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Survey Says Rich Americans Will Boost Christmas Spending


Despite some store owners’ worrying, a new survey says that wealthy Americans WILL be opening their wallets this holiday season

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NPD Group Says Shoppers Will Spend, But Cautiously


Research company finds buyers are expected to be out in force this holiday season, looking for bargains

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Survey Shows ‘Made in America’ Boosts Purchases

USA Small

Recent research says that American shoppers are more likely to buy products if they believe they were manufactured domestically.

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U.S. Convenience Stores See Boost in Traffic


A new report says that convenience stores are seeing a boost in traffic as consumers shy away from road trips for shopping, preferring to stay close to home.

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Research Finds Some Shopping Via Mobile Only


A small but growing number of shoppers are doing their buying exclusively via mobile devices. Smart retailers need to take notice.

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The “3/50 Project” Aims to Boost Small Retailers


Small retailers need every edge they can get these days — and consultant Cinda Baxter’s new project can help them survive.

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