Indicators Show Early Christmas Buying Traffic To Increase


In yet another indication that consumers are more confident, a survey finds buying will be up sharply over this time last year.

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Survey Says Rich Americans Will Boost Christmas Spending


Despite some store owners’ worrying, a new survey says that wealthy Americans WILL be opening their wallets this holiday season

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NPD Group Says Shoppers Will Spend, But Cautiously


Research company finds buyers are expected to be out in force this holiday season, looking for bargains

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Survey Shows ‘Made in America’ Boosts Purchases

USA Small

Recent research says that American shoppers are more likely to buy products if they believe they were manufactured domestically.

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U.S. Convenience Stores See Boost in Traffic


A new report says that convenience stores are seeing a boost in traffic as consumers shy away from road trips for shopping, preferring to stay close to home.

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Research Finds Some Shopping Via Mobile Only


A small but growing number of shoppers are doing their buying exclusively via mobile devices. Smart retailers need to take notice.

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The “3/50 Project” Aims to Boost Small Retailers


Small retailers need every edge they can get these days — and consultant Cinda Baxter’s new project can help them survive.

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Research: Hispanic Shoppers’ Buying Habits Shift


A new study shows Hispanic shoppers change their buying habits according to seasonal influences. It might be time for your stock to reflect that.

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Opinion: “Shopper Marketing” Can Boost Sales


As shoppers think more and more about what they’re buying, savvy retailers can gain the upper hand by thinking like the customer.

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Retailers Go High Tech to Discourage Loiterers

Some store owners in the nation’s capital have gone high-tech in a bid to discourage loitering teens who don’t buy anything. WBAL-TV reports a device called “The Mosquito” has been installed outside the entrance to the Gallery Place Metro station, a favorite teen hangout. The device, audible only to teens, emits and annoying sound and […]