Retailers Go High Tech to Discourage Loiterers

Some store owners in the nation’s capital have gone high-tech in a bid to discourage loitering teens who don’t buy anything. WBAL-TV reports a device called “The Mosquito” has been installed outside the entrance to the Gallery Place Metro station, a favorite teen hangout. The device, audible only to teens, emits and annoying sound and […]

Shopping Cools: Bad News for the Holidays?


Concerns were borne out by numbers when it was revealed shoppers cut back on back-to-school purchases. Are the holidays next?

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Paradigm Shift: Shoppers Waiting ‘Til Payday


Retailers seeing an ebb and flow of business have noticed something: Purchases rise around paydays. Is this a new trend?

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Retailers’ Online Sites Can Expect Back-To-School Surge

Consumers doing their back to school shopping will spend at least some of that time — and money— online, according to Web measurement service Compete. The study, summarized at, found that 30% of shoppers will find their items on the Web, focusing on electronics, dorm accessories and kitchen supplies. School supplies were also cited […]

Retailers Chasing “Bottom (Line) Feeders”

Retailers try to weed out bargain hunters

Savvy retailers are finding ways to uncover and discourage bargain-hunting customers, and boosting their own bottom line in the process.

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Phone Application Pushes Bargains Right in the Aisle

Retailers have yet another new weapon in their arsenal to get shoppers to spend more while browsing; a new smartphone application that tracks and offers promotions to customers as they move about the store, the New York Times reports. The app, called Shopkick, will be available shortly for the iPhone and in the fall for […]

Shoppers Prefer Local Biz

Many consumers today prefer doing business with smaller, local businesses, according to a recent survey conducted by WebVisible, an online marketing firm. Among the reasons cited for this preference are lower prices, a higher quality of goods and more personalized customer service. Included in the survey’s findings was that four out of five consumers would […]