Some Good News: Back-to-School Shopping Lists Getting Longer


Beleaguered school districts are asking parents to send their kids to school with garbage bags, plastic cutlery and even toilet paper.

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Finding: For Shoppers, Price Tops Brand Loyalty in 2010

shopper survey

A new survey just released by indicates that consumers are still shopping more by price than brands this year.

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Layaway Attracts Shoppers

More shoppers are using layaway to make purchases, according to a survey conducted by Sears Holdings. Of consumers surveyed, 73 percent said that, “They believe using layaway more often is a smart financial solution that can help them better manage their spending.” Susan Ehrlich, president of financial services at Sears Holdings, was more specific. “Kmart’s […]

The Rise of Jewelry Accessories


The jewelry accessory category is one for which the demand has been growing. For independent retailers, it’s an easy, add-on business, and stores love it. Suppliers like E’arrs Inc. even offer a spinner display unit that makes the products hard to resist, impulse buys. It’s also a non-seasonal fashion category, which sells just as well […]

Benefits Of Acrylic Displays

Retail store owners certainly understand the importance of dependable store fixtures. Durability is critical, but so is style, as you’re looking for the optimum way of displaying your goods. Chances are you also want something that requires minimal maintenance. For all these qualities, many retailers are turning to acrylic when redesigning their store’s interior. Acrylic […]

Shoppers Want Coupons

Independent retailers know more than anyone that consumers are demanding more and more value before they lay out their dollars for merchandise. But according to Livonia, MI based RedPlum (, a coupon provider, demand for printed coupons increased greatly from 2009 to 2010. It says that secure coupon prints from its website increased six fold, […]

Major Retail Trends

CONSUMERS ARE focused on saving, not shopping. This trend will be compounded by the fact that unemployment will remain unusually high in 2010.

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Mystery Spending

One place where cash can simply disappear is while shopping. That’s according to a new survey commissioned by Visa Inc. U.S. consumers cannot account for an average of $21 per week in cash spending.

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Lifestage Predicts Web Shoppers

Income and age, often seen as predictors of how people utilize the Internet for shopping, may not be the best indicators of online shopping behavior.

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