Increase Mobile Shopping Engagement and In-Store Sales

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In today’s digital-first world, the customer experience is a fundamental component of modern retail industry success. Despite the many benefits of increased technology, store owners, operators and marketing managers need to balance engagement with security and ease of access. [Read more]

Winning Mobile Marketing Strategies for The Summer

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Summer is one of the best times for retail businesses to get new customers. Millions of people are out on vacation, which means there are more opportunities for spending than on regular working days. [Read more]

2016 Business Leaders Forecast

2016 Business Leaders Forecast

The new year dawns, and with it comes a blizzard of emails and web site headlines shouting all sorts of promises and possibilities, all of which can leave one wondering which of them to trust. [Read more]

4 Must-Haves for Mobile Ecommerce Platforms

Mobile Ecommerce Platform

Retail habits are changing. More and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to make purchases. [Read more]

Run, Don’t Walk: Chasing Customer Expectations in Retail

Customer Expectations

Smartphones and apps continue to grow in importance for both consumers and the companies dependent on reaching them. [Read more]

Have You Shoptimized Your Retail Business?

Have You Shoptimized Your Retail Business?

Savvy consumers know better than to pay full price for anything in today’s marketplace. Many people are using an array of tools to maximize benefits and discounts to get the best deals on the products they want. [Read more]

How to Optimize User Experience Across Multiple Devices

How to Optimize User Experience Across Multiple Devices

User experience is paramount in today’s world of extreme competition full of independent, sophisticated consumers. In general, user experience refers to how people feel when they use a particular technology, and is often applied in regards to websites and apps. In the past, this was a relatively simple process that meant designing the website to be easy to navigate, nice to look at and quick to load. [Read more]

U.S. Cellular Launches Contest Celebrating Small Businesses


U.S. Cellular recognizes that small businesses represent a majority of America’s workforce and play a key role in driving the U.S. economy. To celebrate and show its commitment to helping small businesses succeed, U.S. Cellular just launched the Spotlight on America’s Backbone contest. As part of the contest, one small business owner within U.S. Cellular’s […]

Earbud Case and Stand

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Square Jellyfish has a new way to keep smartphones, tablets and music players hands free while also preventing tangles in headphone cords. [Read more]

Winter Wake App

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The Winter Wake Up app is a whole new type of alarm clock that accounts for snowy conditions. [Read more]