Zaf Group Lighters & More

Wholesale Lighters

Evelyn and Simon Safrani of the Zaf Group are pretty sure your customers have never seen products like theirs. Founded a decade ago, the Zaf Group launched a line of custom and unique lighters, in a huge variety of shapes and sizes.

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Personal Vaporizers Replacing Traditional E-Cigarettes

Personal Vaporizers Replacing Traditional E-Cigarettes

Vaping is on the rise, and many people are replacing traditional electronic cigarettes with personal vaporizers, a more advanced electronic cigarette. Inquiries with product suppliers by convenience store owners and distributors, and the general buzz at trade shows as early as September of 2013, indicate that traditional e-cigarettes are losing ground in the alternative smoking industry.

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Cigarette Filters Trap Tar & Nicotine


A growing interest in healthy living is leading many smokers to consider less harmful smoking alternatives, and NICSTOP cigarette filters are in line with this trend. NICSTOP targets tar, which is the most destructive component in tobacco smoking, as well as nicotine, which promotes cigarette addiction. Clear plastic NICSTOP filters trap up to 90 percent […]

Portable Hookahs

Hookah Portable

Hookah lounges are springing up in cities across the country, providing a unique social experience for those interested in smoking hookahs in a group setting.

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Colorful Torch Flame Lighters

image of color flame kings lighters

“They look and feel like $20 lighters, and have electronic ignition and adjustable flame,” says Jaime Anast, president and product designer.

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CTS Lighters Fire Sales

image of lighter from cts wholesale

The new series of brass lighters from CTS Wholesale offers solid brass fabrication, as opposed to traditional steel, rendering the lighters non-corrosive.

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RIPS Rolling Papers Economical Alternative

RIPS Rolling Papers

RIPS® was founded as a family business in the 1970s and is one of the largest manufacturers of cigarette paper rolls in the industry.

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Smokin’ Hot Vapes

hot vapes image e-liquid

Electronic cigarettes, such as Hot Vapes’ line of e-cigs, vapes, e-liquid, e-juice and accessories, are growing in popularity among current and former tobacco cigarette smokers.

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Glass Blown Pipes


As a direct dealer from the manufacturer, Smoking Glass Pipe offers some of the lowest prices on glass blown pipes and other tobacco lighting accessories.

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A LOGICal Smoking Alternative


LOGIC TECHNOLOGY’S disposable electronic cigarette (e-cig) is one of many alternative smoking products causing traditional smokers to rethink their smoking habits and preferred cigarette brand. It is also a leading choice among retailers looking to address both the health and cost concerns of their customers. While the estimated 45.9 million U.S. smokers may view their […]