Facebook Ads 101

There still remains a learning curve for many independent retailers when it comes to advertising via Facebook and other social media. Although your marketing team may be a one man show, even the little guy can make a big name in his social network. Marketers surveyed in a recent report from the World Federation of […]

Live Blogging

Live blogging (e.g., Tweeting, time-stamped news feed updates) holds great promise for retailers looking for a new and better way to engage core customers. It’s a novel way for brands of all sizes to deliver valuable and interesting content to receptive consumers actively seeking information on products, and interaction with retailers offering those products. What’s […]

Selling Unique Gifts and Service

Independent retailers have found a profitable niche in the sale of unique gifts that express thoughtfulness and sentiment, but most importantly stand out from the cookie cutter gifts purchased from big box retailers. Main Street USA can often promise an unusual present, “that has a great story behind it,” says Alison Jatlow Levy, a retail […]

Indies Profit from Unique Gifts and Smart Business Tactics

Sale Success

While unique merchandise draws customers, smart business tactics help drive home the sale.

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Social Site Success

Success on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the many other emerging social sites is all about the approach. A study by IBM reveals that many companies are missing an opportunity to utilize social media channels to drive sales growth, because of a misunderstanding of what consumers want out of those channels. A majority of consumers say […]

Social Marketing Requires a Professional Code of Conduct

social marketing

Social networking began as a personal communication tool, but the integration of business has transformed these platforms, giving birth to a new code of conduct.

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Podcasts Enrich Wholesale Suppliers’ Marketing Campaigns


Wholesale industry podcast series features wholesale supplier interview exclusives

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Effective Facebook Presence Result of Innovation and Interaction

Online Media Campaign

Facebook Pages are used as a platform to publicize contests, products, and more. But what features allow your customers to interact with you?

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Social Media Next Logical Marketing Arena For Retailers

One of the big shifts in shopping last year was the emergence of social ecommerce, as brands and retailers found that social networks aren’t just a means to extend their visibility, but also a way to pull in more revenue. The infrastructure of the Internet now enables the sharing of information among networks at a […]

Fanminder Builds Social Biz


Fanminder is helping small businesses get social. For smaller operations in which employees are already filling multiple roles and every penny is pretty much spoken for, staying on top of social media can be next to impossible. That’s a dilemma that Fanminder, based in Los Altos, CA, hopes to solve. Fanminder, which launched in 2010, […]