Social Marketing Requires a Professional Code of Conduct

social marketing

Social networking began as a personal communication tool, but the integration of business has transformed these platforms, giving birth to a new code of conduct.

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Podcasts Enrich Wholesale Suppliers’ Marketing Campaigns


Wholesale industry podcast series features wholesale supplier interview exclusives

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Effective Facebook Presence Result of Innovation and Interaction

Online Media Campaign

Facebook Pages are used as a platform to publicize contests, products, and more. But what features allow your customers to interact with you?

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Social Media Next Logical Marketing Arena For Retailers

One of the big shifts in shopping last year was the emergence of social ecommerce, as brands and retailers found that social networks aren’t just a means to extend their visibility, but also a way to pull in more revenue. The infrastructure of the Internet now enables the sharing of information among networks at a […]

Fanminder Builds Social Biz


Fanminder is helping small businesses get social. For smaller operations in which employees are already filling multiple roles and every penny is pretty much spoken for, staying on top of social media can be next to impossible. That’s a dilemma that Fanminder, based in Los Altos, CA, hopes to solve. Fanminder, which launched in 2010, […]

Upheaval in Retail

The retail sector appears to be undergoing one of its periodic bouts of upheaval, what with the rise of social media in marketing, the launching of online only stores, and an increase in loyalty programs. This flurry of innovation might fit well with the thesis of Robin Lewis and Michael Dart’s book, “The New Rules […]

Social Networking


Social networking, often seen simply as a way for friends to keep in touch, has been pounced upon by big corporations and institutions. These companies understand the value of being seen as, “your friendly motor manufacturer,” or something to that effect. A sector where this can be even more valuable is independent retailing, including small […]

Study Finds Retailers Not Utilizing Social Media To Its Highest Potential


There seems to be a disconnect between what customers say they want out of social media and what businesses think they want.

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Report: Social Media Sites Driving Teen Retail Purchases


With teens logging online in record numbers and making purchase decisions based on what they find there, retailers need to up their game.

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Independent Retailers, Local Businesses Turning More to Social Marketing To Boost Visibility


Research has found with money tight, small businesses are turning to free social media to draw and retain customers.

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