Socks For All Stores


Socks Galore launched in 1989 as a family business, and has grown into one of the largest importers and wholesalers of socks in the Midwest. The company carries a full line of hosiery, including tights, trouser and dress socks, pantyhose, diabetic socks for men and women, athletic socks and licensed Disney character socks, as well […]

Hot Socks for Toasty Toes

image of hot socks

Capitalizing on colder nights and a craving for coziness, retailers who carry Hot Socks are able to offer customers toasty toes in a convenient and affordable way.

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Apparel Fashion Trends


Every new year and every new fashion wholesaler requires goals and resolutions to stay ahead of the competition, and 2012 is no exception.

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Hosiery Hanger


As explains, “Since the late Allen Gant Sr. introduced the first pair of pantyhose in 1959, his descendents have watched the garment move from high fashion to optional accessory. Three generations of women have now experienced waist-to-toe stockings, and few would be surprised to discover that a man invented pantyhose. But here’s the twist, […]

Back to Basics with ABC Hosiery


ABC Hosiery both distributes and manufactures socks, underwear, T-shirts and ladies pantyhose, supplying to independent retailers and small to mid size wholesalers.

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EZ Socks


EZ Sox is a more intuitive sock solution that allows children to practice dressing with less hassle.

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