Eason Eyewear: Professional and Passionate

eason eyewear

Eason Eyewear is a newly developed eyewear manufacturing company based out of New York City. Although the brand was recently created in 2014, Albert Ye, owner of Eason Eyewear, has over thirty years of experience in the eyewear manufacturing business. [Read more]

Made in the Shade: Sunglasses for Success


As we head into Spring, retailers and consumers alike have warm weather on the brain. Vacation season and the summer months are not far out of reach. As a retailer, now is the time to start stocking up on warm weather staples, particularly sunglasses. [Read more]

Franklin Eyewear: “Well Done is Better than Well Said”

Franklin Eyewear sunglasses

“Franklin Eyewear was born in 1985 when baby boomers came in to the reading glasses market,” says Franklin Eyewear founder Al Underwood. [Read more]

See Clearer with Eason Eyewear

Eason Eyewear

Eason Eyewear offers the best quality eyewear products for the lowest possible prices to their retail clients. [Read more]

Hot Looks in Sunglasses

Hot Looks in Sunglasses

Sunglasses are popular accessories year round, as they are both functional and fabulous. Not only do they enable consumers to make fashion statements, they also can protect eyes from harmful UV rays. Solar Sunglasses carries 300 to 400 styles for women, men and children, including a line of biker glasses. [Read more]

Profits Galore In Sunglasses

Profits Galore In Sunglasses

The start of the New Year finds holiday sales a distant memory, as retailers turn their focus to 2014’s up-and-coming spring lines. Sunglasses, both classic and trendy, are a big part of that lineup, and can be a source of profits for just about any retailer. [Read more]

Topper’s First Quality Closeouts

Topper’s First Quality Closeouts

Topper Liquidators is a family-owned operation that sells numerous types of closeout and liquidated merchandise, the vast majority of which is new. Liquidation is a process whereby the merchandise in a warehouse or store needs to be quickly distributed for various reasons. Often the business is closing, changing product lines or is in bankruptcy, and wants to liquidate its entire stock at one time, rather than having a drawn out sale. [Read more]

Woodzees and Shwood Design Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

Sunglasses Go Green

Eco-friendly and one-of-a-kind wooden sunglasses, sported by stars such as Snoop Dogg and Beyonce, are the newest craze in fashion eyewear this year. Environmentally conscious, fledgling designers are rising to the top, and providing sustainable sunglasses comprised of a variety of woods, including repurposed skateboards. [Read more]

New Bluetooth, MP3 & FM Sunglasses

Hollywwod hits mp3 bluetooth sunglasses

Hollywood Hits Distributors, a wholesaler of cutting edge merchandise designed to meet a variety of consumer needs, newest introduction is unisex sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology, FM radio and an MP3 player. With 2GB of memory, this product also supports WMV, WMA, ASF and WAV music formats. [Read more]

New Patent Revolutionizes Sunglasses


Sunglass Manufacturing Group, a fashion sunglasses company doing business since 1998, has introduced Polarview, the revolutionary sunglasses lens. Because of its new, extraordinary technology, the firm has been awarded a U.S. technology patent. Polarview lenses are unique in that they block horizontal, or high frequency, wavelengths, yet allow low frequency wavelengths to come through. High […]