The Cost of Point of Sale Terminals for Your Business

Point of Sale

While the idea of your business accepting credit and debit card payments is nice, it’s important to fully understand the cost of such a venture.

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Merchants Score Win in Feud Over Swipe Fees

Retailers scored a victory Wednesday when a federal judge tossed out a Federal Reserve rule on fees banks can charge merchants when they swipe customers’ debit cards, reports the Wall Street Journal. Saying the Fed did not do enough to limit the levies, the decision likely will force the Fed to slash those fees, further […]

NRF Asks Judge to Reject Swipe Fee Settlement


The National Retail Federation (NRF) and  20 retailers have asked a federal judge to reject a proposed settlement over credit card swipe fees. The organizations allege  it is an “evil” price fixing practice conducted by Visa and MasterCard, MultiChannel Merchant reports. According to an article in Bloomberg Businessweek, Visa, MasterCard and other card companies agreed […]

Swipe Fee Suit Update

image of gavel from swipe fee suit

Participants in a recent conference call about the swipe fee suit insist that approval of the settlement would constitute a breach of due process.

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Swipe Fee Reform Saves Millions

October marked the one-year anniversary of landmark Federal Reserve regulations that cut the average debit card swipe fee collected by the nation’s largest banks.

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Opening Floodgates on Swipe Fee Flaws

image of swipe fee settlement issues

Plaintiffs in the suit against Visa and MasterCard hope to rally against the swipe fee settlement.

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Groups Oppose Proposed Swipe Fee Settlement

Groups Oppose Swipe Fee Settlement

Letter outlines reasons behind opposition to proposed settlement of antitrust lawsuits filed by merchants against Visa, MasterCard.

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Swipe Fees Settlement

image of swipe fee

A settlement was recently proposed in a lawsuit against Visa, MasterCard and bank card issuers, which suggests that $6.5 billion be parceled out among plaintiffs in the class-action suit, plus another $1.2 billion to cover eight months of reduced merchant fees.

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RILA Opposes Proposed Swipe Fee Settlement

Retail Industry Leaders Association Image

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) has criticized the proposed swipe fee settlement and urges class plaintiffs to reject the proposal.

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Swipe Fees to Strike Out?

Swipe Fees image

A proposed settlement between Visa Inc., MasterCard Inc. and retailers offers $6.5 billion to retailers and a lower swipe fee for eight months.

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