The Truth About Sales Tax for Online Retailers

online tax

Online sales tax has been in the national spotlight this past year for a number of reasons.

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The Future of Manufacturing


In the March issue of Independent Retailer, we interviewed SoftBank, the robotics company who owns Pepper, the retail robot. Though we focused on the consumer-facing implications of robotics in the retail industry, there is much more to the puzzle.

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Tax Reform and the Retail Industry: Is BAT all Bad?

Border Tax

Tax reform is the next item on the White House agenda after healthcare and the federal budget. Overall, President Trump has promised big tax cuts for corporations and for middle-class Americans, all in the name of strengthening American businesses, creating jobs, and bolstering the economy.

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Mounting Pressure for Online Tax Reform

Online Tax

State governments are applying pressure on Congress to restructure online sales tax. Currently, online sales tax follows the same guidelines as mail, catalog, and phone retail orders.

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Wrap Up That Excess Inventory and Put a Bow on It

Excess Inventory

When companies think of the holiday season, they usually think of turning over a lot of new merchandise.

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Online Sales Taxes – Good for Stores and eTailers

Online Sales Tax

In 2014, three researchers at Ohio State University wanted to investigate how the so-called ‘Amazon Tax’ would affect the ecommerce company.

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Turn This Year’s Excess Inventory into Next Year’s Tax Deduction

Excess Inventory and Taxes

If you are like many retailers, one of your greatest ongoing challenges is disposing of excess inventory.

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New NFIB Calculators Help You Estimate Healthcare Costs

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) recently launched four new online calculators designed to help small business owners estimate new taxes and compliance costs under the healthcare law. Many provisions of the healthcare law went into effect October 1.

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Amazon Petitions Supreme Court on NY Online Sales Tax Collection

Amazon Petitions Supreme Court re Online Sales Tax Collection Inc. has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a demand that it collect sales tax on its goods sold in New York State. The online retailer is asking the court to consider the constitutionality of states collecting taxes from companies that do not have such physical operations as warehouses in those states.

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Health Care Changes Wizard for Obamacare Education

The White House has launched a new Website designed to inform and educate business owners concerning the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. The Health Care Changes Wizard, which is part of BusinessUSA, the administration’s interagency information outlet for employers, asks employers to input their state, company size and current insurance plans. The Wizard delivers tailored information about changes under the law, important dates to remember, and the formulas for determining requirements and penalties.

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