RILA Applauds Sales Tax Fairness in California

Image of California

Advocates for a level playing field between brick and mortar retailers and online competitors celebrate sales tax fairness in California.

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Tax Refunds to Savings?

Tax season, a time of celebratory credit or sometimes miscalculated debt, means more than compiling a list of deductions to hand over to the accountant. For retailers, it typically means increased sales, as consumers go out to spend some unexpected money provided by their tax refund. According to NRF’s Tax Returns Consumer Survey conducted by […]

Retailer Lead Recovery

The start of a new year is full of hopeful forecasts, and for 2012 the retail industry is already projecting positive results. While expected to be lower than 2011’s 4.7 percent increase in sales, the NRF is still predicting sales growth of 3.4 percent. The U.S. GDP is also estimated to rise 2.1 to 2.4 […]

2011’s Taxing Topic for Retailers: The Fairness of Sales Tax Collecting

Sales Tax

What happens will Congress say about three recent legislative proposals on sales tax fairness?

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What Small Businesses Can Expect During 2012 Tax Preparation


While tax planning changes frequently, small businesses can be assured of a few things this upcoming tax season.

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NRF On The Hill

If you can’t beat them, lobby them. That’s the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) plan of action on Capitol Hill, as the group looks to combat what seems to be frequent disregard for merchants, reminding legislators of the role retail plays in the current economy. Among the recent legislative disappointments from the Capitol was the Federal […]

Winning Worth the Payout for Amazon

Online Tax Collection

With a referendum scheduled for June 2012 to overturn the new Internet sales tax law, Amazon has already spent $5.25 million in campaigning.

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Amazon and Web Taxes

As most of the retail industry is aware, online retailers such as Amazon have been flying under the radar in regards to the collection of state sales tax, relying on the upstanding honesty of online shoppers to declare taxable purchases. For nearly a decade, local brick and mortar stores have been fighting to level the […]

Independent Retailers Partake in Tax-Free Holiday Marketing


While the Tax Foundation believes tax-free holidays will negatively affect economic recovery, retailers beg to differ.

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State Leaders and Independent Retailers Stand Strong on State Sales Tax

Change in Quarters

State governments and independent retailers begin to stand strong against online retailers.

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