Successful eCommerce Starts with Robust CMS

Optimize Your Web Business

Internet merchants must provide a comprehensive, 360-degree shopping experience in order to stand out from the crowd.

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Connect With Cloud Computing

cloud computing image

The Cloud provides a wealth of opportunities for smaller retailers, including marketing and loyalty programs, operations, inventory control, human resources and payment services, and can solve communication, collaboration and competition issues.

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U.S. Retailers Prepare for Move to EMV

Image EMV payment processing

The global standard for credit and debit payment cards based on chip card technology, is coming to the U.S.

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PayPal Taps ShopKeep POS for In-Store Payments

shopkeep POS

Now customers can check in with PayPal and check out at the register at nearly 2,000 merchants with the iPad POS solution from ShopKeep POS.

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New Technologies, New Risks

secure technology

New technologies will come and go, opening new windows of opportunity for theft, fraud and loss.

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Designing a Retail Business Based on Biometrics and Real Statistics

Customer Surveillance

With the help of biometrics, brick and mortars aren’t relying only on their sales numbers to solve problems.

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Seven Deadly “Retail” Sins

Retail Sins and Maladies

The Seven Deadly “Retail” Sins include Overbuying, Underbuying, Not Attending Markets, and No Markdown Strategy.

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Memory on Hand Bands


The Memory on Hand (MoH) band, a silicone bracelet clasped together by a USB flash drive, keeps files accessible at all times and is a big hit among high school and college kids.

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Bye Bye Cash Register. Hello Tablet!

Tablet POS Software

Using software platforms, with the necessary features, to handle all POS needs on the service-side, allows small business owners to focus on growing their businesses.

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Omni-channel Retail a Reality in Demand Forecasting

Selling Channels for Shopping Demand

Demand forecasting requires knowledge of consumer technology used to learn about and purchase products.

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