Seven Deadly “Retail” Sins

Retail Sins and Maladies

The Seven Deadly “Retail” Sins include Overbuying, Underbuying, Not Attending Markets, and No Markdown Strategy.

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Memory on Hand Bands


The Memory on Hand (MoH) band, a silicone bracelet clasped together by a USB flash drive, keeps files accessible at all times and is a big hit among high school and college kids.

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Bye Bye Cash Register. Hello Tablet!

Tablet POS Software

Using software platforms, with the necessary features, to handle all POS needs on the service-side, allows small business owners to focus on growing their businesses.

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Omni-channel Retail a Reality in Demand Forecasting

Selling Channels for Shopping Demand

Demand forecasting requires knowledge of consumer technology used to learn about and purchase products.

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Businesses Update Advertising with Mobile Barcodes

Barcode Scanning

Feeling the pressure of interactive online advertising? Make your traditional print media more interactive with mobile barcodes.

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Gen Y Goes Digital

With about 75 million individuals ages 12 to 29 living in the U.S. today, Gen Y is believed to be the largest generational cohort since the baby boomers. Now digital media is trouncing traditional channels in the battle for affluent Gen Y consumers, according to a new study by L2, which examined the media consumption […]


WeatherFone Midwest is offering retailers a chance to whisper in shoppers’ ears when they call a free hotline for weather and time. The WeatherFone product is a phone in system that retailers use as an advertising channel, says company president, Charles Engram. “A retailer would put the system in their town, promote the number, and […]

Retailers Chasing “Bottom (Line) Feeders”

Retailers try to weed out bargain hunters

Savvy retailers are finding ways to uncover and discourage bargain-hunting customers, and boosting their own bottom line in the process.

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Small and medium sized retailers will now be able to design, build and manage their own ecommerce businesses using’s technology. The massive online retailer recently launched a new version of its Amazon Webstore. Included in the changes are a redesigning and simplification of the registration process. “By leveraging Amazon’s technology and infrastructure, Amazon WebStore […]

Low Cost POS System

Cashier Live, a company based in Chicago, is offering new software to help independent retailers weather the current economic storm by providing tools that help decrease costs and increase sales. Cashier Live offers a complete point of sale (POS) package, with HP rp3000 hardware. Independent retailers often must face harsh economic realities, and one of […]