Is EPOS Software Right for Your Business Success?

Is EPOS Software Right for Your Business Success?

Business success relies on an efficient customer and business workflow. As a storeowner, you must determine which systems have the potential to steer your business to new levels of growth. An EPOS system has become quite common as merchants find that competition is the answer to various challenges.

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Retailers Optimistic for 2013 Holiday Season


Most retailers anticipate solid online sales growth this holiday season, according to a new survey by e-commerce consultancy The E-tailing Group Inc. and personalization firm Baynote Inc. The inaugural 2013 Holiday Predictions Survey reveals that 60 percent of retailers expect more than 10 percent growth in holiday revenue this year. Retailers expect mobile to play […]

U.S. Cellular Launches Contest Celebrating Small Businesses


U.S. Cellular recognizes that small businesses represent a majority of America’s workforce and play a key role in driving the U.S. economy. To celebrate and show its commitment to helping small businesses succeed, U.S. Cellular just launched the Spotlight on America’s Backbone contest. As part of the contest, one small business owner within U.S. Cellular’s […]

Cool Summer Refreshment for Your Website

Summer is coming to a close and back to school campaigns are taken care of. Now is a great time to turn your attention to a website refresh that is likely part of your holiday readiness to-do list.  Instead of approaching this task in the pure technological sense, a refresh should reinvigorate your website, and […]

Square Market for eCommerce


Card reader and software provider, Square, has introduced Square Market, an online storefront designed to help small businesses compete with larger eCommerce firms. Square has built its reputation on equipping small businesses with portable credit card readers, enabling entrepreneurs to process anytime, anywhere credit card transactions via iPhones, Androids and other devices, reports Resources for […]

Turnkey Solutions For Ecommerce Success


The term “turnkey” is often used in the technology industry to describe pre-built computer packages in which everything needed to perform a certain task, such as recurring billing and shipping, is sold as a bundle. Such packages for ecommerce often integrate many applications to help develop a website with ready-made solutions and configurations to sell […]

Customer Relationship Management Solutions


By Lawry Matteson, webCRM Customer relationship management (CRM) is an essential business strategy for independent retailers. For CRM to create an impact, it can be integrated with CRM software designed for business profitability. CRM software manages customer information and helps in building and strengthening the business-customer relationship. The software plays a vital role in maintaining […]

High-Touch Shopping: Brick & Mortars’ Invaluable Weapon

Ben T. Smith

By Ben T. Smith IV, CEO of Wanderful Media Shopping is a social activity that, in its earlier incarnations, was a bartering interaction, where negotiation and fairness were expected when trading goods. Later, the fixed store became a meta-gathering place, and then malls provided additional amenities to augment the experience, including restaurants, entertainment and even […]

Charge Ahead for More Offline Sales

mobile payment apps

Three popular mobile payment tools are Square, LevelUp and PayAnywhere, and Merchant Warehouse just announced its new Genius platform.

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Learn How to Drive Consumers to Your Store

ncr research reveals what drives consumers to your store

According to research by NCR, consumers want convenience and a seamless shopping experience, whether they are at home or in the store.

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