Create Your Own Puzzle

Create your own puzzles!

Puzzles have always had a strong draw for kids, except for those too young to grasp the concept. Now Canada’s Outset Media has a new offering especially for the younger set in “Create Your Own Puzzle.” Outset was founded more than ten years ago with the idea to offer a Canadian Trivia game, which was […]

Lil' Teammates


Adult sports fans have myriad ways to show support for their favorite teams, such as with banners, hats, shirts, signs, posters and so on. But outside of peewee sized clothing or videogames, there hasn’t been much out there for kids to show their support as well, until now. That’s because Jim Cantrall, founder of, […]



An old family tradition has become one of the hottest doll sellers this holiday season, and looks to continue that streak for years to come. Christopher Pop-In-Kins was started in 1984 by Flora Johnson of Atwater, OH. She told her children about Christopher, who “pops in” to children’s homes during the holiday season, appearing in […]

Tornado Maker


They say that whatever is old will someday be new again, and that’s certainly the case at oddly named POOF-Slinky, a toy wholesaler combining the best of today’s toys with favorites of decades ago. “The name actually goes back to one of our first products in 1991, when we manufactured foam ‘Poof’ balls,” says company […]

Rubberband Guns Draw Big Interest, Make Fast Sales


Targeted at boys 4 through 14, these hot-selling items actually appeal to all age groups and stores report they sell out fast.

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Deco Bugs


With the holidays in full swing and New Year’s looming, how can a houseful of people keep track of which drink is theirs? The good people at Deco Bugs came up with a solution for now or anytime there’s a large crowd trying to keep track of their beverages. “We came up with Chalkboard Sticker […]

Pauly’s Paper Airplanes are a Fast-Selling, Nostalgic Item


Customers are always looking for something to remind them of simpler times, and these paper airplanes fit the bill.

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Heads Up Puzzles


Jigsaw puzzles are fun, unless you’ve got some sort of an issue with keeping your head down. Then what do you do? That was the dilemma facing Paul Johnson, president of Heads Up Puzzles, when he took his mother to a doctor’s appointment, and she saw some puzzles on the table in the waiting room. […]

Prizes! Finds a Winner in Sports-Themed Plush and Vinyl


For retailers that attract sports fan, Prizes! has a full lineup of wanted items no matter what the season is.

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Animated Robot Dino-Puzzle Will Intrigue, Delight Kids

Dino Puzzles

This raw wood puzzle not only challenges in the construction, but actually moves when it’s completed

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