Toys, Gifts & Novelties Forecast

Conventional wisdom dictates that during sluggish economic times, the less necessary an item is, the more likely consumers are to eliminate it from their budgets. It would be understandable, therefore, if you assumed that it has been a somewhat bumpy ride for those in the business of selling toys, gifts and novelties. But while it […]

Sky Gift Wins With Toys & Jewelry

Sky Gift is a company that focuses on both retailing and wholesaling, and has experienced smashing success with two very different product lines: jewelry and toys. When it comes to jewelry, it’s the Murano glass jewelry, handcrafted in Venice, Italy, that has been a major hit. In toys, an interesting and affordable product from China […]

Remote Control Toys Ideal for Kiosks

The market for remote control toys has grown immensely in recent years, and this is particularly true for kiosk vendors. The Valour Inc. launched three years ago, to capitalize on this burgeoning trend, and has grown four times its original size since then. Starting with helicopters (still the most popular sellers), the company now offers […]

RC Toys of the Highest Quality


In business since the mid 1980s, Emirimage Corporation boasts an impressive selection of radio-controlled and infra-red toys, especially of the ever-popular car and helicopter varieties.

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The Wanderfly from Toys4Carts is one of those toys that is simple to use, and will delight people from five years to 105. The WanderFly is a static electricity generator that can make an object, the “hover shapes,” hover in mid air. A wand generates a negative static charge, and once it touches the included […]


Bubble Blower

The original Touchabubbles from Play Visions, Inc. is a soapy bubble solution that makes bubbles that do not break. The bubbles are created the usual way by dipping a bubble blower into the soapy liquid, and then blowing on it. But with Touchabubbles, something almost magical happens when the bubble forms: the bubble material hardens […]

Nestle Bears Plush

Nestle Bear

Toy Network’s Nestle Bears are a great plush selection. Made from high quality fabric and with licensed Nestle candy logos, these bears are a guaranteed hit. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and include the following candy logos: 100 Grand, Crunch, Sweet Tarts, Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Raisinets. They come as an […]

Bubby My Buddy

Bubby Buddy

Bubby My Buddy is based on the same concept as the stuffed animal, but instead of being stuffed with heavy cumbersome cotton or some other material, Bubby is inflatable. The main benefit of this type of stuffed animal is that it is easy to travel with, easy to ship and can be washed in any […]

RX Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker

Kheper Games has a new RX Cocktail Shaker that says, “You have a prescription to GET IN-E-BRE-8ED! Doctor’s orders are to mix, strain, drink, and repeat!” The shaker unit includes: 7.25 inch tall pill bottle shaker base, strainer, and lid, almost everything you need to recover from what ails you. The RX Cocktail Shaker is […]

Bouncing Waboba Ball

Water Bouncing Ball

Waboba Inc. would like to introduce you to the Waboba ball. Waboba, by the way, stands for Water Bouncing Ball. Basically, the Waboba is a ball that the user throws, and it skips across the water. The company also developed a game for Waboba, based on the old Keep Away game between teams, and is […]