Water Polymer Crystals

Water crystals

Science44′s Water Polymer Crystal line is odorless, water absorbing polymer beads (polyacrylamide), used for hydrating plants, fresh cut flowers, air fresheners, and room decor.

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Airsoft Guns for Fun & Profit

Airsoft Guns

If you are looking for a new, profitable line of merchandise that is growing in popularity, consider a line of Airsoft guns.

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Jacob’s Paradise: Safe Cans and More

Jacobs Paradise

Offering everything from auto accessories and convenience store style items to key chains, knives and other novelties, Jacob’s Paradise is one wholesaler that has all bases covered. The company was started in 1996 by Luis Arce, who had previously spent time working for other importers. “I got tired of all the misinformation given to customers, […]

Golf Retailers Pleased By Tiger's Return


Now that the golf superstar is back in action for the Masters, it may be just in time to give retailers a needed boost.

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Spring into Summer with Shades


Looking for a great bargain? Proceed to CTSwholesalesunglasses.com, where CTS Wholesale is offering shades priced at $10 and up per dozen.

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Quality Handbags at Affordable Prices


The handbags carried by Fashion Express U.S. come directly from manufacturers. This is the key to why the company is able to offer competitive prices for products of such quality.

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Craftspeople Find a New Online Marketplace


Handmade craft-making has taken off as a very viable business for many online.

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Ballograf Pens from Sweden


The Ballograf pen line has been produced in Sweden for the past 60 years. The ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils are produced in the city of Göteborg (Gothenburg). At a highly automated plant, four million pens a year are manufactured by 30 employees. About half of the production is sold in Nordic countries. The hallmark […]

Jacob's Paradise: Safe Cans and Much More

Safe can-110x150

Offering everything from auto accessories and convenience store-style items to keychains, knives and other novelties, Jacob’s Paradise is one wholesaler that has all the bases covered.

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One-Stop Shopping for Branded Blankets


Midwestern supplier All That Jazz is one of the few companies that currently holds all the most coveted licenses.

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