Unrooted Air Terrariums: Low Maintenance, High Return

Unrooted Plants

Unrooted Plants are low maintenance, customizable air plant terrariums. [Read more]

Unrooted Plants Air Terrariums


Unrooted Plants offers a line of beautiful air plants that are customizable and easy to maintain. [Read more]

Unroot Your Customers Creativity


If you are in the market to create a unique set up in your store where customers can personalize their purchases, then look no further than Unrooted. [Read more]

Unrooted Plants Liven Up Product Range

Unrooted Plants

Unrooted Plants has a better way to liven up your environment. Instead of fussy houseplants that like to die, Unrooted Plants offers a line of air plants that are easy to maintain, beautiful, and almost endlessly customizable. [Read more]