Exciting New Styles from Watchmania


Flashy, detailed watches rank high with consumers this year, as many people wear them to make fashion statements, as well as to keep track of time. “People will change their watches based on their activities or outfits on any given day,” points out Natalio Saks, owner of Watchmania. The most sought after watches add a […]

Slap-on Watches

Slap-on watches

Slap-On Gear slap watches are available in 13 colors, and have watch faces that can be popped out and into different color watchbands.

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Stylish Stamps Watches


It’s not only a timepiece but also a fashionable bracelet that can be switched out with different watch faces for a contemporary look.

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Mommy Wholesale.com Has Items Moms Want Most, at Discount


Carrying a full line of boutique-type items at low prices, this unique wholesaler has well over 2,000 SKUs with something for everyone

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Whimsical Watches


After 15 years in business, Whimsical Watches is only now offering its hand customized art watches to retailer customers, with programs tailored to suit sales in kiosks. According to company owner, Robert Winenger, who bought the firm three years ago, “Until this year, we were entirely Internet based. We have just started marketing to small […]

U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Costco Copyright Infringement Case


The suit comes as a result of Costco’s reselling of luxury Swiss watches procured from third-party sources.

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